Staff and students at Mission Heights Junior College have a school to be proud of. Our uniform represents this pride both at school and in the community as students go to and from school. As part of this philosophy we expect our students to reflect our high standards in the way they wear their school uniform.

All uniform items are to be regulation items for Mission Heights Junior College.

Uniform can be purchased at;

John Russell Menswear, 9 Moore Street,
Howick, Auckland. Phone (09) 534 9373

As of the 1st September 2014, uniforms, shoes and sandals are able to be purchased online. Simply follow the link to access the online store, then click on ‘School Uniforms’ and ‘Mission Heights Junior College’


Girls Uniform

    • Girls UniformBlack  M.H.J.C. skirt which must be knee length or covering the knee
    • Black MHJC skort (Yr 7 and 8)
    • MHJC silver grey blouse
  • MHJC teal woollen jersey or vest (Optional)
  • School approved plain white ankle socks (no logos)
  • Black opaque tights
  • Approved black Roman sandals
  • Approved plain black, flat, leather school shoes – lace up or single bar
  • Black MHJC hat
  • MHJC jacket (Optional)
  • Plain black scarf (Outdoor wear only)

Boys Uniform

  • Boys UniformBlack MHJC knee length shorts
  • Black MHJC trousers
  • MHJC silver grey shirt
  • MHJC teal woollen jersey or vest (Optional)
  • School approved plain black ankle business socks
  • Approved black Roman sandals
  • MHJC plain black, flat, leather lace up school shoes
  • Black MHJC hat
  • MHJC jacket (Optional)
  • Plain black scarf (Outdoor wear only)

Physical Education UniforBoys PE UniformmGirls PE Uniform

    • Teal and black MHJC P.E shirt plus black MHJC PE shorts
    • Lace up training shoes
  • White sports socks


  • One small (no more than 3mm) plain gold or silver stud, (not hoops) may be worn in each earlobe.
  • A watch may be worn.
  • No other visible jewellery including facial or body piercing is permitted.


  • Moderate styles and natural colours. Hair should not cover a student’s eyes.

We expect that:

  • Clothing and school bags are clean, in good repair and worn correctly.
  • School clothing is clearly named.
  • Only approved uniform items are visible. Non-regulation uniform or jewellery will be confiscated and returned at the end of the term or to parents/caregivers on request.
  • Makeup and nail varnish must not be worn.
  • Students who arrive at school incorrectly dressed must have a note of explanation from their parent/caregiver.
  • As students wearing the Mission Heights Junior College uniform are representing our school, they will respect and abide by school values and expectations.