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Principal’s Message

Mr. Ian Morrison, Principal
Mr. Ian Morrison, Principal

Welcome to the Mission Heights Junior College website. I am privileged to have the opportunity to lead such an innovative, forward looking school, where children are challenged to be the best they can be in a supportive and engaging educational environment.

Our Vision

Our vision at Mission Heights Junior College is to develop confident, active, reflective and high-achieving learners and to provide innovative and evolving personalised learning contexts in response to the rapidly changing world in which our children will live.

Our children need to be prepared to meet the challenges of a global community with confidence and resilience, to be life long, independant learners and enterprising young people with highly developed problem solving, communication and thinking skills.

Students at Mission Heights Junior College will be guided and challenged to achieve high academic goals and to extend themselves in doing so. They will be well prepared to meet the challenge of gaining essential qualifications both at Mission Heights Junior College and in their later schooling.

However in today’s world this, in itself, is not enough. Our students will also be encouraged to be active participants in sporting, cultural and leadership and service activities, which will make them all round achievers who are valued in higher education, the work place and in society.

We want our students to be engaged and active participants in their learning and it will be our goal to provide authentic, personalised and relevant learning contexts.

Our Site

Our students benefit from the state of the art facilities and resources of a modern learning environment.. Our teaching staff is committed to providing an educational experience which is relevant to students and which extends and challenges them in a digital environment.

The school is divided into four buildings which enables dedicated staff to provide students with strong pastoral support. The flexible design of the site also allows for innovative and collaborative teaching and learning. Each Whanau, or “school within a school” encourages a sense of belonging and supports our students to become positive leaders and citizens who make a positive difference.

Our Place

We believe that our school is an integral part of our community and that the community is integral to the school. Our focus on authentic and relevant learning offers opportunities to develop positive partnerships with community organisations and businesses as well as our parents and friends of the school.

I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you as we develop a school to be proud of at Mission Heights Junior College.

Ian Morrison

Success in National IPENZ Competition

Three teams from Mission Heights Junior College have gained merit awards in the senior section of the IPENZ Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards this year. This competition sees students working with engineering mentors to develop technological solutions to an issue/area of concern that the students have identified in their school or community.  The school is developing an impressive record of success, having also been awarded prizes in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Congratulations to:

Christina Bang, Sarah Hamza and Tyla Amos whose project “Feel the Heat” was developed to alert parents if they had accidentally left their child/ren in the car;

Katrina Mohammed, Bella Lin and Ryan Ngo whose project “Lock-down” was developed to provide an alert to computer screens if students needed to be alerted that an intruder or other natural threat was imminent;
These two groups gained valuable programming support from MHJC’s IT Manager Ben Doughney, Mrs Middlemiss and Mr Morrison their mentor teachers. They also worked closely with an engineer, Mikesh Patel from Transpower.

Ngapipi Herewini, Ashley Taimataora, Molly Herbert and Sophie Chen’s project “Walking Danger” involved the development an electronic device to increase safety at pedestrian crossings.  The girls used a Raspberry Pi and Pythonprogramming language to develop their prototype and were supported by Brett Willis, an electronics engineer from Fisher and Paykel appliances and mentor teacher from MHJC, Rebecca McGrath.

NIWA Manukau Region Science Fair 2015

NIWA Science Fair 2015

MHJC is pleased to report another successful year at the NIWA Manukau Region Science & Technology Fair. The Fair was hosted in the Middlemiss Theatre over Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th August, with 18 schools across the region participating. Judges were from the teaching profession, community organisations and experts in the science and technology industries.

MHJC had 46 students participating in the Fair. From our participating students, the following awards were earned:

Category Awards

First Place
Category 6 – Year 9 and 10 Living World
John Yang, Ryan Ngo & Bill Wong (9F2)

Second Place
Category 6 – Year 9 and 10 Living World
Shiwani Prasad & Athina Hiep (10W1)

Second Place
Category 8 – Year 9 and 10 Environmental Science
Molly Herbert, Ngapipi Herewini & Ashley Taimataora (10W2)

First Place
Category 10 – Scientific Photography
Molly Herbert (10W2)

Special Awards

Best Project by a Maori Student
Jesse Tuhaka & Samhitha Yamineni (10W2)

Best use of Statistics
Benson Ireland (8W1)

Second Place
Best Use of Flour
Joanne Ting & Sanraj Hayer (8W1)

Innovation Prize for Best Year 9 Project:
John Yang, Ryan Ngo & Bill Wong (9F2)

Innovation Prize for Best Year 10 Project:
Avinash Sathiyaseelan & Samson Ireland (10W2)