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Waitangi Day

During his address at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi/Te tiriti o Waitangi Crown representative Lieutenant Governor William Hobson said the famous line “He iwi tahi tatou – we are one people”.

This is especially significant as we welcome our new students (over 250), staff and parents to the school. They have come from different schools close by or from foreign lands but all now share a special bond as members of our wonderful MHJC learning community.

This morning our Year 7 students and staff members were welcomed at a powhiri held in their honour. We look forward to sharing their learning journey and growing the greatness that lies within everyone and learning how we can honour the spirit of the treaty.

So let us enjoy the public holiday tomorrow, and reflect on the work so many people are doing and have done to bring people together to create this wonderful country. As we do so, let us consider what we can do to continue the nation building example of those who have gone before us. For pakeha this could mean learning more Te Reo Māori or becoming more familiar with the cultural traditions and practices or Ti kanga Māori and for our Māori community to support others on what can be a challenging journey. There was no better example of this than when our students taught their classmates and teachers the school haka last year!

At a school level consider how we can share our knowledge with our new recruits – support and guide them so everyone feels safe, valued and welcomed in this new environment.

Our Charter contains an important strategic goal of honouring the treaty and I urge our community to challenge ourselves in some way this year to support the inspirational words of William Hobson.

Growing greatness/Kia mana ake!

Welcome back to another exciting year at MHJC!

A special welcome to our new students and to those returning – thank you for trusting us with the education of your children and we look forward to enjoying a collaborative learning journey.

I thought I would highlight some key events and areas we will focus on this year:

In term 1 we will celebrate our 10th birthday by opening the school to our community, past and present, on Saturday morning 6 April. Please diarise this date as we organise fun events, food and entertainment which will celebrate our amazing journey.

In term 2 our new Board of Trustees will be elected. We hope as in the past to have a number of parents putting themselves forward for this important duty particularly in the year in which elements of the Tomorrow’s Schools model are being reviewed, including the role and power of boards coming under the microscope. More on this topic can be found on the following web site:

In term 3 we will host for the first time a group of Chinese students from Xian Ling Middle School in Nanjing, following our visit there last year and we will visit them again later in the term.

Our first 10 Year Property Plan will start this year. The conditional assessment of our grounds and buildings is almost complete which estimates how much we will need to spend to ensure the site is safe and in working order and this will inform the amount we have left to enhance teaching and learning at MHJC.

In terms of teaching and learning we will make a school wide focus of our conservation and guardianship/kaitiakitanga responsibilities of Tāne forest which neighbours our property and we will develop our holistic reporting system which will reflect student achievement, progress, engagement and our values.

We will also make a special focus of creativity as one of the central themes of future skills and 21st century learning as explained in our new Charter.

Finally we will continue with the many other exciting opportunities and programmes including mindfulness to ensure all students’ wellbeing and learning is promoted.

Growing greatness/Kia mana ake!

A Christmas message.

As we enjoyed our annual Santa Show, with students starting Christmas celebrations early and with much energy, I started to reflect on a hectic term and hugely satisfying year. May I use this forum to wish the entire MHJC community a wonderful Christmas and summer break. I trust everyone has a restful time with plenty of relaxation and focus on the family, the spirit of giving and considering those less fortunate than ourselves. If you are travelling I hope you return safely and that our students are recharged and ready for an exciting year. Christmas is about hope and belief in our fellow man, with this in mind let us consider an exciting 2019.

Some exciting events to look forward to include:

  • Our 10th Birthday Celebrations during term 1;
  • Board of Trustees elections in term 2 and
  • The return of the Education Review Office in Term 3.

We will also be able to begin our property plan after the ministry approved funding.

We are looking forward to continue exciting, innovative learning including a whole school focus on the guardianship/kaitiakitanga of Tāne forest and working in partnership with the University of Auckland to promote creativity within our curriculum and continuing our ready to learn activities which include mindfulness practices.

Another important work stream will be the development of our new holistic report which promises to be ground-breaking with students taking part-ownership of the report as well as providing engagement and academic progress and achievement data.

Many thanks to everyone for their support of our hard working teachers and enthusiastic students who have all enjoyed every opportunity to grow their greatness.

Kia mana ake!

Greening Auckland with ‘Million Trees’ Programme

On Wednesday 30th May 7M1 & 7M2 traveled to the Puhinui Stream to move and plant 1200 native trees, plants and shrubs as part of their learning about biodiversity. The plants were provided courtesy of the Auckland Council’s ‘Million Trees’ programme.

‘Million Trees’ is a programme for greening Auckland that will plant a million trees and shrubs, mostly native, across the region over three years. The programme will green our city, offset carbon emissions, protect our water quality by planting along rivers and coastlines and improve our living environment.

Students not only learned more about bio-diversity by taking part in this hands-on EOTC experience but by working as a 50+ person human chain – to transport the plants from the top of the reserve to the planting location – they demonstrated great teamwork and communication skills!

Ka Rawe Mountains Year 7’s, we are very proud of you and your service to our community!

2017 Careers Expo

Last night careers advisor Mrs Ulika Singh and MHJC students attended the annual ‘Careers Expo’ at Ormiston Senior College. The event was a huge success with many institutions from throughout New Zealand showcasing numerous degree and vocational pathways, scholarship opportunities as well as unique business enterprises.
The key presentations from Auckland University and the Manukau Institute of Technology were particularly useful, as they outlined NCEA subjects and points required for entry into courses offered.  It was particularly exciting for MHJC students to interact with OSC students and staff, whom offered advice and support with learning opportunities when they venture into senior college.

HPCC Girls’ Prizegiving

At the recent HPCC Girls’ Prizegiving, two MHJC cricketers took home a haul of trophies.
Mansimran Kaur was named Emerging Hearts Player of the Year and Batter of the Year.  She also was recognised for scoring two 50’s; 92 not out and 50.
Ashwina Krishnakumar was named Player of the Year for one of the under 12 teams.
Both girls have made appearances for MHJC teams this year.
Well done girls. We are so proud of your achievements.

Term Dates

2019 Term Dates

The first day of school for all students for the 2019 academic year is Thursday 7th February.

Mission Heights Junior College will be open in 2019 during the following days:

Term 1 Tuesday 5 February to Friday 12 April
Term 2 Monday 29 April to Friday 5 July
Term 3 Monday 22 July to Friday 27 September
Term 4 Monday 14 October to Thursday 12 December