Our Vision: “Growing Greatness – Kia mana ake, through innovative, constantly evolving, personalised learning”.

Mission Heights Junior College is a large multicultural state school located in East Auckland. We cater for Years 7 to 10 with an enrollment of almost 900 students and 60 staff. The school first opened in 2009.

At Mission Heights Junior College we recognise that every child is a valuable individual and that within each child is a unique “grain of greatness” which it is our mission to grow. We expect great things of our students as they grow to be confident, active, reflective, high achieving independent learners.

To achieve this, we ourselves must aspire to greatness and offer a truly great educational experience which allows opportunities for innovative, constantly evolving personalised learning. At Mission Heights Junior College we work hard to ensure that our students truly develop as:

Good Citizens

To achieve this we provide a learning environment which is:

Global Focussed
Twenty First Century

In addition to meeting the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum and the National Education Guidelines, our learning programmes challenge students in both the essential learning areas and in individualised learning programmes, which extend and enrich students according to their individual identified needs.

A feature of our school is our intent to present learning in engaging, relevant and authentic contexts. We are keen to involve the community and real community issues in school life. Our school has also been designed and constructed to an “environmentally sustainable design” and caring for our environment is a key aspect of our school culture.