Mission Heights Junior College is committed getting our students to school safely. We promote sustainable travel (cycling, scootering, and walking) throughout the year and offer parents information on a variety of alternative travel options.

Pedestrian Crossing_Mum and Daughter_Primary

Biking and Scootering

There is a lot of parking available for our bikes and scooters throughout the day.  Students can bring locks to keep their helmets and bike/scooter together.

bikesScooter racks

Walking / Park and Walk

First and foremost we encourage all students to walk to school.  Mission Heights is a safe neighbourhood and walking to school is a great way for students to stay active.

Below is a map where you can park and drop students off.  The proposed drop off points are 400 metres or less from the school.  Additionally, most drop off locations don’t require students to cross the road. Students can also easily access the pedestrian crossings on Jeffs and Valderama Roads.

Travelwise Park and Walk Times

Taking the Bus

If your child/ren travel to school via the bus, you can plan their trip to school using the Auckland Transport Journey Planner. The Planner allows you to select the starting and ending points of the journey and the time you want to leave/arrive.  You will be provided with bus options and the prices.

Visit the Journey Planner at

AT Hop Cards

Students receive discounts on bus fares when they use a special bus pass – Auckland Transport HOP CARD.  The cards can be purchased at local retailers or the kiosk at Botany Town Centre. More information about the cards can be found here.

Learn how to use a HOP Card by watching the video here.

Hop Card


Information for Students

Safety at School

Remember to wear your helmet correctly when cycling or scootering to school.

See the link below to view the guide to fit your helmet.

Helmet Fitting Guide

Travelwise Activities

Check out some photos of the activities we organized this year!

  • Bike and scooter races
  • Bike training (off street)
  • “How a scooter will change my life” writing contest
  • Walking to school – free prizes for walkers
  • Slow down around schools – checking the speed of our drivers in the morning
  • A Wheelie Good Race competition

bike racebikeradar gunScooter raceslow downScreen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.07.19 pm