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MHJC Students Football Selection!

Four MHJC students have been selected for an official Ricki Herbert Football Academy International tour. The boys will travel to China on August 8th as part of the U14 squad, taking part in the Gothia Cup.

The Gothia Cup was first held in 1975. Over a million players from a total of 143 countries have participated in the tournament. In 2007, FIFA named it the “World Youth Cup” and it aims to create a meeting place for the young players of the world no matter religion, colour or nationality.

From left: Abhinay Kumar, Arnav Naiker, Saurav Chand, Zain Ismail.

Wonderful World of Wearable Arts

Our very best wishes to MHJC’s wearable arts teams, who are showcasing their beautiful creations at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau tomorrow evening. We hope you enjoy this quick preview of a few action shots from their dress rehearsal today…

MHJC’s teams are: 🤩

Team 1: Cathy Shipway, Abby McGarva and Ashwina Krishnakumar (Forest);

Team 2: Edward Suckling, Anje Te Boekhorst and Marissa Dodd (Forest);

Team 3: Michelle Do, Yan Fang, Sadaf Zadeh and Carmen Shen (Water).

MHJC Students ranked #1 for Education Perfect Science 2019!

Congratulations to MHJC for once again ranking 1st globally in the Education Perfect SCIENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019!
A huge shout out to 8F2 for their impressive effort –
Kowshi, Leo and Ram are ranked top 10 globally.
A special congratulations to Jason W for being the ELITE PRIZE DRAW WINNER (10,000+ points) – he receives a $50 GiftPay voucher!
Here are the impressive stats:
1st overall globally out of 1,561 schools
1st overall in New Zealand out of 371 schools
1st overall in the 501-1000 students category out of 437 schools
1st in New Zealand for the 501-1000 students category out of 104 schools

MHJC Student Delegation are Top of World Conference!

Our MHJC students have returned from the 25th annual ‘Young Leaders Convention’, hosted at the Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore and they have brought back with them the prestigious award of ‘Best Delegation 2019’! We’re very proud of these wonderful ambassadors for the school.  Here are a few highlight images from their week in Singapore:


40 hr Famine huge student support!

Well done to our MHJC students for your commitment with the 40-Hour Famine Event.

A huge thank you to all 343 students for raising $11,568.70 to support refugees in Northern Uganda. Money raised, will be used to provide educational playgrounds, food, water and solar energy for these people. MHJC student fund raising efforts showcase great compassion and kindness that will certainly make a profound impact!

Winning Whanau: Coast.
Congratulations to the following students for raising the most funds:
Winner First Placement: Joash Narayan 10C1: $455 raised
Second: Saniya Lal 8W1: $350
Third: Riya Gulani 7M2: $310

Teachers and support staff – what can we do to show them that they are valued?

I am sure the MHJC community is well aware of the strike action planned for Wednesday 29 May. Some of the issues that have been publicised include salary increments that have not kept pace with inflation and working conditions which have caused many to seek other employment or which have caused significant health concerns.


I am pleased to be working with a Board of Trustees which takes its responsibility as a “good employer” seriously and has supported several initiatives to promote staff wellbeing. Some strategies include membership of the Employee Assistance Programme; showing a compassionate approach to leave requests; paying support staff a “living wage” which is above rates specified in the collective agreement; support of teachers going on study leave and supporting management with initiatives which assist teachers and support staff to maintain a work/life balance. Our mentoring system has also been very successful in responding to the needs of our staff before the situation becomes damaging and the schools within school/whānau system is a very effective means of providing emotional support to our staff as well as our students. I continue to work with our Senior Leadership Team at ways in which we can lighten the load on our staff and commit to this on a daily basis.


While planning this message I wondered what our community can do to support our teaching and support staff while the union leaders and Education Minister lock horns. I note in the many articles and news reports that many teachers and support staff describe their situations in different ways often because of the context in which they work. I am pleased that in general our students and caregivers provide wonderful support to our staff. While working conditions overall could improve it is so important that our staff are and feel valued. We can all show this by following our values of integrity/pono and compassion/awhinatanga. Let us show our appreciation and gratitude for what our teachers and support staff do on a daily basis whether it be phoning in an absence, replying to a reminder about homework completion or simply meeting and greeting a coach/manager at an academic competition, sporting or cultural event. Just a few kind words on these occasions may not fill the bank account but they will fill the well of goodwill and put a smile on the face and a spring in the step for a community that is doing a great job but needs a boost right now.

Growing greatness – Kia mana ake!

Kindness Week

This week we look forward to a number of activities which will promote our school’s values of integrity and compassion. We believe that by cultivating a better understanding of our differences and celebrating our wonderful cultural diversity we can send a positive message to our community. The week will finish with Pink Shirt Day which has become a rallying cry for us to treat each other with respect and manage ourselves so that we remain calm and respond appropriately if offended. The most important change we wish to see after analysing a recent survey is for students to become more equipped to articulate their feelings and for bystanders who witness hurtful actions or words to make a stand and indicate their disapproval. This has been documented to be one of the most powerful ways to combat bullying.


The following web site has more information which may provide us with greater insight:


Our view is that while we respond to any reports of anti-social behaviour we also wish to promote a positive message of seeking ways to be kind and compassionate which help create a culture of acceptance and celebration of our differences. The Student Executive Council has created a slogan “#be kind, be you” which I think sums up our message superbly.

Growing Greatness – Kia Mana Ake!


MHJC students Saniya Lal (8W1) and Andrew Ma 10W2 were both selected to read their poems at the Auckland War Memorial Museum as part of the ANZAC Day commemorative poetry competition. Both read their poems, based on the brief: The idea of peace reflecting on the theme: War is over…if you want it.Earlier that morning Saniya also read her winning essay to the crowd gathered for the Civil Service at Stockade Hill in Howick. 
Here is the news article that appeared in the local paper on ANZAC day: