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SEZ Boys Futsal

Congratulations to our SEZ Boys Futsal team. They were runners up yesterday in their tournament. They played extremely well, especially in the tight final match.

Well done to the team – Vincent Z, Nivaan G, William B, Prabhroop B, Jafar A, Ryder C, Daniel L, and Fardin B.

Enrolments 2025

Owing to the large numbers of in-zone enrolments expected, the Board has decided that no out-of-zone enrolments will be accepted for the 2025 school year.
This includes siblings of previously and currently enrolled students.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause whānau.

Matariki Celebrations

This week, MHJC staff and students have celebrated Matariki with activities and small whānau celebrations.

On Monday, students put in lots of mahi to become kaitiaki of our new ngahere. Great effort to all that took part. 🌿

Then, on Tuesday, students opted to participate in a Matariki Stars project. Here, ākonga learned about weaving and they created the stars that signify the arrival of Matariki. 🌟

We wish our greater whānau a wonderful Matariki.


A message for our community . . .

We want to bring to your attention that we have had two cases reported to us of students showing symptoms of chickenpox.

The disease is spread by coughing, sneezing and contact with weeping blisters. Early symptoms to watch for are fever and spots with a blister on top of each spot.

Students should stay away from school 1 week from appearance of rash, or until all blisters have dried.

We also advise you to consult your doctor if you need more information.

The Tough Guy/Gal Challenge

Ngahere Whānau and Takutai Whānau Year 10s travelled to Ngāruawāhia today to compete in the Tough Guy/Gal Challenge. It was an outstanding effort by all students.
Two stand out performances were had by Ziyan Zhou who finished 5th overall and Jaira Baldon who placed 4th in her race.
We wish all these students a relaxing weekend!

Important Message to Whānau

An important message to our whānau . . .

Winter illnesses and a shortage of relievers means we may have to roster certain year levels home for a session of a day, probably the first or last session to minimise any inconvenience.

If we reach that point you will be advised via an email and notices will be added to the school KAMAR portal and on our official social media pages.

We believe this solution provides the least disturbance to our teaching and learning programmes and enables us to keep the school operational for all year levels.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Jammies for June

This term, MHJC took part in an amazing initiative – Jammies for June. This cause raises awareness, and warm winter pajamas, for tamariki at Middlemore Hospital. We are proud as a school to be supporting this initiative. Thank you to everyone who participated in the non-uniform day in support of this cause.

Winter Illness

A message to our community . . .

As we go through the winter season, we need to be careful about diseases like mumps. Mumps is a virus that spreads easily and causes painful swelling in the glands just below the ears. Symptoms also include fever, headache, muscle pain, feeling very tired, and not wanting to eat. Mumps spreads through tiny drops from coughing or sneezing, or by sharing saliva. It spreads quickly in places like schools and daycare centres. The best way to prevent mumps is with the MMR vaccine, which also protects against measles and rubella.

We recommend that your child has all their vaccinations up to date to help stop mumps from spreading. Knowing these symptoms and how to prevent mumps can help keep our children and community safe.

Anyone showing any of the above symptoms should not come to school and seek medical advice to confirm whether they have the virus.

Blackout Poetry

A big thank you to all students who participated in the recent Blackout Poetry competition. And congratulations to the below students who won the various categories.

Year 7/8
1st Place – Avneet Kaur
2nd Place – Zara Phillips
3rd Place – Navya Shandilya

Year 9/10
1st Place – Sophia Zhao
2nd Place – Sethini Buddha Koralalage
3rd Place – Alisha Manan

Thank you to all the English teachers for judging these entries.