Fees and Policies


All prices have been quoted in New Zealand Dollars.

Full YearCost (NZD$)
Tuition Fee$13,000
Administration Fee (non-refundable)$1,000
Homestay Placement Fee$300
Weekly Homestay Fee$300
Homestay Change Administration Fee$200
Homestay Holding Fee$20 per week
Medical and Travel Insurance *$580
* Insurance premiums are calculated on exact travel dates and may, therefore, differ slightly from these estimates

Additional Fees

Subject FeesSome practical subjects have a charge for materials or workbooks used
CompetitionsSome academic competitions have a small charge to register
School TripsSchool trips usually have a small transport and entry fee
School Camps$300
ID Card$5

Click here for 2023 term dates. 2024 term dates are still being finalised.