Compulsory Fees

In November 2019, it was decided to accept the Ministry’s offer to opt in to the donations scheme which means parents are no longer requested to pay an annual voluntary donation of $250. This will result in significant savings for parents as we are able to pass on some of the revenue to cover some day-trips and outside speakers who visit the school to address the students. In the past, voluntary donations have been used for capital projects including ICT equipment, a policy we intend to continue.

In terms of the Guidelines, overnight trips (including the Year 7 Camp), optional DEEP courses and extra-curricular activities will be charged in the usual way.

A device is also recommended for all students as much of our curriculum is delivered using digital technology which can be used at home or in school.

In order to maintain and enhance our high standards of innovative learning, additional resources are needed and as such, parents are requested to pay for the items listed below.

Must be paid in full before the start of the academic year.

Student ID Card and Lanyard$5.00
Photocopies and Printing$5.00
Compulsory Fees for Year 7 and 8 Only 
Curriculum Related Fees (includes take home components)$130.00
Digital Platforms (includes Education Perfect, Maths Buddy and Reading Plus)$120.00
Year 7 Camp$240.00
Compulsory Fees for Year 9 and 10 Only 
Digital Platforms used at home and school (includes Education Perfect, Maths Buddy and Reading Plus)$120.00
Year 9 and 10 Subject Fees 
Learning with a take home component 
Art (ART), Digital Technology (DGT), Fashion Design (FSD), Food Technology (FOO),  Hospitality (HOS), Technology (TEC)$100.00 each
Media Studies (MED),  Design and Visual Communications (DVC)$50.00 each
Outdoor Education (OED)$250.00