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Measles Outbreak in Auckland

As advised in the media, the measles outbreak appears to be rapidly spreading in Auckland.
At this stage, we have NOT had any reported case of measles at the school.

1. If your child is showing symptoms of measles please keep them at home.
2. If your child has been diagnosed with measles please notify the school immediately and keep them at home.
3. We strongly advise you to immunise your child at the earliest possible opportunity – the vaccine is available free from your GP.
4. If there is a reported case at MHJC we may require proof of immunisation so please have your documentation available should this be the case.

Thanking you for your support.







New Teachers for 2019

Introducing the new Mission Heights Junior College teachers for 2019.

From left to right;

Douglas Choong- Coast Whanau, Maths and Science
Logan Dobson- Coast Whanau, Global Studies and English
Jan Newbold- Mountains Whanau, Visual Arts Specialist
Erin Steel- Water Whanau, Global Studies and Drama
Iris Brandauer- Forest Whanau, Science Term 1 for Gillian Bartlett
Sahara Singh- Forest Whanau, English and Global Studies

School Fees

Compulsory Fees

In November 2019, it was decided to accept the Ministry’s offer to opt in to the donations scheme which means parents are no longer requested to pay an annual voluntary donation of $250. This will result in significant savings for parents as we are able to pass on some of the revenue to cover some day-trips and outside speakers who visit the school to address the students. In the past, voluntary donations have been used for capital projects including ICT equipment, a policy we intend to continue.

In terms of the Guidelines, overnight trips (including the Year 7 Camp), optional DEEP courses and extra-curricular activities will be charged in the usual way.

A device is also recommended for all students as much of our curriculum is delivered using digital technology which can be used at home or in school.

In order to maintain and enhance our high standards of innovative learning, additional resources are needed and as such, parents are requested to pay for the items listed below.

Must be paid in full before the start of the academic year.

Student ID Card and Lanyard$5.00
Photocopies and Printing$5.00
Compulsory Fees for Year 7 and 8 Only 
Curriculum Related Fees (includes take home components)$130.00
Digital Platforms (includes Education Perfect, Maths Buddy and Reading Plus)$120.00
Year 7 Camp$240.00
Compulsory Fees for Year 9 and 10 Only 
Digital Platforms used at home and school (includes Education Perfect, Maths Buddy and Reading Plus)$120.00
Year 9 and 10 Subject Fees 
Learning with a take home component 
Art (ART), Digital Technology (DGT), Fashion Design (FSD), Food Technology (FOO),  Hospitality (HOS)$100.00 each
Media Studies (MED),  Design and Visual Communications (DVC)$50.00 each
Outdoor Education (OED)$250.00

Holistic Reporting Consultation

Mission Heights Junior College will be implementing a Holistic Student Report in 2019. Please find below a link that will take you to an annotated example of the ‘proposed’ MHJC Holistic Student Report.

The intention of this new report is to:

  1. Provide an easy to understand summary of the information about a student’s progress and achievement across the curriculum – the ‘whole person’.
  2. Provide information in ‘real time’ by way of a live report that can be viewed online 24/7.
  3. Provide a printed take-home copy of the Holistic Student Report at the end of each year.

We invite all families/parents/caregivers to participate in this consultation process be filling out the short survey on the link below;

If you have further questions or queries, feel free to contact Kate Lambert, Leader of Learning.
An appointment can also be organised – 09 2777881/

Family and Friends Association Meeting

The Principal, Ian Morrison extends an invitation to parents on behalf of the Family and Friends Association, to meet he and members of the Family and Friends Association. This is an informal opportunity for us to discuss matters relating to the school’s vision, strategic goals and direction. The purpose would be for parents and principal to develop a shared understanding of these and other important factors which contribute to the school’s performance.

Meetings will take place once a term, the first being:
Date: Tuesday 20 February
Time: 6.30-7.30
Venue: MHJC Staff room (enter via Reception)
Light refreshments will be served.
Younger children can be supervised on request.
Please RSVP names and number attending to:

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) in ECE and Schools

Auckland Regional Public Health Services advises that pertussis (whooping cough) is in the community and the number of cases in schools has increased over the last two months. Pertussis is a highly infectious disease and can cause serious illness for some people. In the last 12 months, 1 in 6 cases has needed hospital treatment.

Vaccination is free and offers the best protection against this disease – research shows vaccination is safe and effective. Four and 11 year olds are both eligible for a free booster dose – see your GP promptly to book this in. Children who have missed any doses are also able to get free immunisations, please check with your doctor if you are unsure of your child’s vaccination history.

If your child has symptoms of pertussis please keep them at home away from school. Pertussis starts like a cold with a runny nose, cough, and fever and is spread by coughing. After 7-10 days the cough becomes more severe and prolonged coughing spasms occur that may end with a whoop, dry retching or vomiting.

Pertussis in schools can be disruptive as students have to catch up on weeks of school work after falling ill and teachers need to work harder to support them. Pertussis disrupts families who need to make arrangements for childcare and doctors’ visits when their children are diagnosed.

If you or your children are experiencing symptoms or you want more information visit your doctor or call Healthline for advice on 0800-611 116.

If any of your school staff are pregnant or have a baby at home please ensure they receive the following messages from Auckland Regional Public Health.

  • Protect yourself and your baby and see your GP for a free vaccination in your third trimester (28–38 weeks). Protect new babies by immunising on time at 6 weeks, 3 months and 5 months.
  • Check that your baby’s brothers and sisters have been vaccinated for pertussis at 4 years and 11 years. A GP can provide catch-up doses if required.
  • Have adults in your family been immunised in the last five years? 80 percent of infants catch pertussis from a parent or other family member.

Pertussis (whooping cough) is a serious disease in children under 12 months old. For every 100 infants under 12 months old who are infected, around 70 will be hospitalised, seven will require intensive care and there is a small, but very real risk of permanent medical complications or death.