Devices in the Mission Heights Schools

Following our successful 2nd year with CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) in the school, we have reviewed our position on the type of devices allowed in the school and I am happy to announce that there is no change in the type of devices allowed in the school.

MHJC has always been a device agnostic school and we encourage students to bring devices that they already own to school, provided they meet the minimum requirements, which are as follows:-

For Windows and Mac laptops,

* 4GB of RAM * 64GB SSD

For tablets,

* 9.7 inch screen * portable keyboard

For Chromebooks,

* 11.6 inch screen * 4GB RAM * 16GB SSD

We have had feedback from teachers and students that it is easier to finish homework tasks on a laptop or Chromebook as opposed to an iOS tablet. We continue to advise parents that if new devices are to be purchased, a Windows or Mac laptop or Chromebook should be purchased.

Chromebooks continue to be a difficult recommendation. Android applications on Chromebooks have not gained universality as it should have over the past year and in our limited testing have proven to be problematic. They are sufficient in Years 7 and 8 but parents purchasing new devices for students in Years 9 and 10 should consider Windows and Mac laptops due to the workloads in those yearlevels.

The ICT team is happy to answer any questions posed to us – feel free to email with your question and we will respond accordingly.