Leaders Inspire Students at Pathways Panel

Three inspirational leaders, Dillon Boucher, Chlöe Swarbrick and Melissa Gardi were invited to MHJC to hold a panel discussion as a part of Ngahere Whānau’s (Forest) Yr 9 ‘Leading into the Future’ and Yr 10 ‘Future Pathways’ learning contexts, yesterday. Student’s gained an enthralling insight into the contrasting worlds of professional sport, business, entrepreneurship, tertiary study, Hollywood celebrity culture, not-for-profit organisations and New Zealand politics. However, it was soon evident that a high degree of commonality was shared between the three personal narratives: a strong commitment to personal values, resilience through adversity, passion and initiative to create opportunities, strong relationships, hard work and sheer dogged determination to pursue careers that are authentic, meaningful and fulfilling. Students and staff commented, “…we have just experienced something very special and truly inspiring!” Thank you to Mrs Selagan for coordinating the pathways event.