Our Application Process


Download and complete the application form. Send us your scanned completed form to international@mhjc.school.nz.
Your application is reviewed and you or your agent will be notified when a decision is made.
Sometimes we may require additional information.

Payment and Visa

An invoice will be issued along with a Conditional Offer Of Place (COP), which you can use to begin your visa application process.
Once payment is received by us, we will issue a receipt and an Offer Of Place (OOP). 

These, along with an assurance that accommodation has been arranged, will be required by you to obtain a Student Visa from the New Zealand Immigration Service

Accommodation and Flights

Once payment is received we will work to find accommodation to meet your needs if that is required.


You will need to have Travel and Medical Insurance before you arrive. 
If you’re staying in accommodation arranged by the school, we may arrange to collect you at the airport to bring you home if required.
Your host family will help you get to school for the first day.
We have an orientation program that will teach you everything you need to know about the school and how to maximise your time here.