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Jarrod’s a Champion!

Jarrod Millar had a fantastic round of golf yesterday at Akarana and ended up winning the 2016 Intercollegiate Stroke Play Golf Tournament, receiving the trophy for Best Nett in the boys division while representing Mission Heights Junior College at the event.  Congratulations Jarrod – we are proud of this fantastic achievement!

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United Nations Northern Ward Speech Competition

On Wednesday 18th May Brendan Hua (10F2) took part in the United Nations Association of New Zealand’s Northern Ward speech competition. The topic for this year’s event was New Zealand at the United Nations: “Human Security in Diverse Communities”. Speakers were required to speak for a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of eight, making a particular reference to the aims, work and aspirations of the United Nations and New Zealand’s role within the organisation.
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TravelWise, Police & Mountain’s Yr 8’s Promote “Staying Alive!” Message for NZ Road Safety Week

The MHJC Travelwise group and Yr 8 Mountains students, worked along side the NZ Police this morning using a speed gun.

The TravelWise group is working hard to promote NZ Road Safety Week. The Yr 8 Mountains learning context ‘Staying Alive’, currently has students exploring the transport situation around our school. View their ‘Staying Alive” video…

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Supporting VSA: Mrs Middlemiss in Vanuatu Schools

Mrs Joan Middlemiss and her husband Peter are currently completing voluntary service abroad in the Vanuatu Islands. Mrs Middlemiss’ work involves education development in rural Vanuatu and she has requested our support by way of donating to this worthwhile cause.

The goal is to reach $3000 and any contributions would be appreciated and beneficial!

Let’s help raise money to support Mrs Middlemiss and VSA to send future volunteers…
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Mr Morrison Presented with ‘Top School’ Shield in Sydney

Mr Morrison was honoured to be invited to Sydney this week to receive a shield for ‘Top School in the World’ from the Education Perfect 2015 World Series.  At MHJC we believe there is greatness in everyone and our vision statement is ‘…to grow greatness through innovative, constantly evolving personalised learning’. Therefore, our association with Education Perfect is an excellent way to help us fulfill our vision.

Thanks must go to Mrs Joan Middlemiss our foundation principal who in such a short time established a culture of excellence at our school and who with the assistance of the staff helped students to understand what growing greatness means and requires. Also, we must thank and acknowledge Ms Trudy Wigg whose tireless efforts inspired our students to achieve such success in 2015.  We certainly will have a target on our back whilst competing for this year’s World Series title!

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Education Perfect Logo

Education Perfect – We are World Champs! (Social Sciences)

From 26th-28th April, students from MHJC have competed in the first of five World Series competitions with ‘Education Perfect’.  The first competition was Social Sciences and we are delighted to announce that Mission Heights Junior College won the overall Top School Award!  The accolade was achieved by answering over 174,000 questions.  Congratulations to the following who ranked in the Top 20 students worldwide:
9th – Ashlyn Prasad
14th – Asmaa Azba
15th – Katrina Mohammed
20th – Kayan Kermani
Students can still register for Education Perfect at a cost of $30 at the school reception and an email to Miss Hunter    Registration will grant students entrance to the four remaining divisions – Science, Math, Languages and English.
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2016 Secondary Schools 3X3 National Slam Tournament

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Mission Heights Junior College has enjoyed a strong start to Day 2 of the 2016 Secondary Schools 3X3 National Slam at The Trusts Arena, Waitakere.  The event attracts some of the strongest ‘sharp-shooting’ athletes from around the country.

The boys 3X3 team gained two strong wins over Rosehill and Tamaki Colleges, with the girls win against St Mary’s being followed by a hard-fought loss to a strong Westlake Girls team. Here is an  instructional clip that details the rules of the game…

Teams have been joined by our two fantastic tournament referees, Marco de Costa (10C2)  and Amy Moore (9F1).   Our teams are…

Josh Wang McCarthy (10W2) Captain
Ian Orosio (10W1)
Jordan Johns (10C1)
Anthony Nelson (10W1)
Jeremy Peng (9W2)

Sophia Herewini (10M1) Captain
Tiana Herewini (9M1)
Katelyn Knox (10F1)
Annemeik Vaha’akolo-Ngaika (9F2)
Bianca Langi (9W1)

Scroll down for some clips of our MHJC players in action….

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