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The Road to Slower, Safer Travel

Four students attended the annual Travelwise Student Workshop to plan their communication plan for the year. Wasan Abu Nada (8M2), Victoria Kree (8M1), Leon Lei (7C1) and Aliza Azba (7W2) participated in activities to identify how to advertise, develop key messages and tag lines, and also had the opportunity to use a speed gun on local traffic.

The photograph (below) shows the girls participating in a ‘Road Safety’ relay race. Stay tuned for further information from the team, who have decided to focus their efforts on reducing the speed of drivers around the school this year.

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SEZ Swimming Results

This year MHJC took 8 of our Elite Y7&8 swimmers to the South Eastern Zone (SEZ) swimming competition.
All of the swimmers where very competitive during the heats. However, Marissa Dodd (7F2) qualified for the final in the following events: 50m Junior Girls Freestyle, 50m Junior Girls Backstroke and 100m Junior Girls Freestyle.
We congratulate Marissa for finishing 3rd overall  in the 100m Junior Girls Freestyle.

Baverstock Oaks Mural Unveiling

On the 18th March two MHJC students,  Erin-Leigh Pye (7M1) and Ether Gray-Lefale (7C1) returned to their primary,  Baverstock Oaks School,  for a very special occasion.  Last year they were both involved in an art project to create a massive mural of the school’s six core values.  Baverstock had it erected this week and wanted to say a special thank you to the artists at a formal assembly.
MHJC are so proud of these two amazing students, and look forward to them show-casing their considerable talents at our school soon.  Mr Penfold
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Biking DEEP Supports Safety in the Community

‘Biking’ is a DEEP course offered at Mission Heights Junior College to support students to increased levels of skill and confidence to ride safely in the community. Bikers have the opportunity to learn the road rules whilst developing physical fitness and appreciation for sustainable transport options for a cleaner, greener New Zealand. Students cycle an average of 6km during the 45minute session with teacher, Mr Vivashal Singh.
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New Zealand’s Longfin Eel in Trouble

Year 7 students from Water Whanau have been engaging in hands-on learning about the plight of the Long Fin Eel and their habitats. Long Fin Eels are endemic to New Zealand and are considered to be an endangered species.

As a part of their Term 1 ‘Camp’ context, students were fortunate to work with Kate Loman from WaiCare to conduct a series of water quality tests for the streams behind MHJC and in the Tane Forest. Students tested for water quality parameters such as Ph, water temperature, clarity and dissolved oxygen.  Students also enjoyed some close encounters with macro invertebrates in the streams (pictured below).

As a part of their camp experience this week, students will be hiking to the beautiful Kitekite Falls in Piha in the hope to see larger Long Fin Eels that are 20-80 years old.   As the eels only spawn at the end of their life cycle in trenches near Tonga, any eels that are caught within New Zealand’s waterways are prevented from reproducing.  Students are completing first hand research and social action to protect New Zealand’s Long Fin Eel and it’s habitat.

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Mountaineers: In Their Element at Camp!

Recently, Year 7 students from Mountains Whanau attended the much anticipated annual camp at Camp Adair.  Year 10 leaders, fresh from their own leadership camp, led five student teams in kayaking, high ropes, archery, and other confidence building activities.  Students also enjoyed additional activities, such as the giant water slide, burma trail, campfire and a guided walk through the Hunua Ranges.
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Igniting Learning on Fire Safety 

In preparation for camp 7M1 and 7M2 focused their learning on fire prevention and treatment of burns around the home and outdoors.  Students completed a First Aid course with the NZ Red Cross and invited guest speakers from NZ Fire Service (pictured below is Matt Evans, a
Fire Risk Management Officer) Fire Wise and the Middlemore Hospital Burns Unit to school.
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.53.14 AM
Pictured below are Isha Rah'mani, Devanshi Mani and Avishna Sharma with Marta I. (a burns survivor) and Michele Henry (Middlemore Hospital Burns Unit) after an inspiring and informative session.
Students would like to remind families to have an escape plan to evacuate your home if there is a fire, instead of trying to put it out yourself.  It is also recommended that smoke detectors be present in each bedroom.
To plan your family's escape plan, please visit...
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Snorkelling GREAT Preparation for Goat Island

Year 9 students from Water Whanau have enjoyed integrated learning around their Term 1 context,  “Fight for Life”.  Recently, students took the plunge to participate in  a wonderful day of aquatics and snorkelling at the Totara Pools.

Students and teachers are looking forward to Week 8’s EOTC trip to the Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre and Marine Reserve, where they will be able to view the sea life under the care and supervision of PADI Divemasters and observing the various species in a tidal touch tank at the discovery centre.

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Mountain’s First Leadership Camp a Hit!

Over the weekend, Year 10 Mountains’ Students as well as leaders from Year 8 and 9, travelled to Camp Adir for a Leadership Camp. The purpose of the camp was to develop the leadership skills of Year 10 students who have the responsibility of leading Year 7 who arrived at camp yesterday (Monday) morning. The Year 8 and 9 students will utilise their developing leadership skills within their roles on Whanau Council and other school-wide leadership positions they have been appointed to.
Photographs below show the ‘b​​efore’ and ‘after’ shots of the Mud Confidence Course.
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.51.54 AM
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.51.34 AM