National Standards

What are the National Standards?

National Standards are a description of what all New Zealand students are expected to be able to do in reading, writing and mathematics in Years 1-8.

The National Standards have been developed by the Ministry of Education and subject experts.

They are being introduced to give teachers, your child and you a clear idea of where your child is at in reading, writing and mathematics. They tell you what your child needs to do next in their learning.

If your child is working at, or above the standards during Years 1-8 it means your child should be on track to finish secondary school with a qualification such as NCEA Level 2.

How will the teacher work out where your child is at?

The teachers in your child’s Whanau will use many different ways to ascertain where your child is at in reading, writing and mathematics. This will include:

  • using evidence from your child’s work,
  • using a range of formal tests and assessments,
  • classroom observations,
  • talking to your child about their learning,
  • your child assessing their own work and work of other students in their classes.

If your child needs more time to work towards the expected standard, the teachers will work with you and your child to help them achieve their next learning goals, with self-reflection and goal setting (completed following our Student-Led Conferences).

What will the assessment data be used for?

Teachers will use the standards in reading, writing and mathematics to:

  • inform their planning and teaching,
  • work out your child’s next steps and together with you, set goals for learning,
  • report clearly to you via our e-National Standard Reports twice a year about your child’s progress and achievement in relation to the standards.

When will the reporting be carried out?

In Terms 2 and 4, all Year 7 and 8 students will be assessed against the National Standards.

How well is your child doing?

Your child’s progress and achievement in relation to the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics will be reported using our Mission Heights Junior College ‘WAME’ (Working Towards, Achieved, Merit and Excellence).

Please note: the Achieved level is the standard we expect students to reach by the end of the year.

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