Igniting Learning on Fire Safety 

In preparation for camp 7M1 and 7M2 focused their learning on fire prevention and treatment of burns around the home and outdoors.  Students completed a First Aid course with the NZ Red Cross and invited guest speakers from NZ Fire Service (pictured below is Matt Evans, a
Fire Risk Management Officer) Fire Wise and the Middlemore Hospital Burns Unit to school.
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.53.14 AM
Pictured below are Isha Rah'mani, Devanshi Mani and Avishna Sharma with Marta I. (a burns survivor) and Michele Henry (Middlemore Hospital Burns Unit) after an inspiring and informative session.
Students would like to remind families to have an escape plan to evacuate your home if there is a fire, instead of trying to put it out yourself.  It is also recommended that smoke detectors be present in each bedroom.
To plan your family's escape plan, please visit...
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