Year 9 Options

Year 9 Options 2017


Please select 4 Option Subjects but you will only study 2. This is because some Options may not be offered if only a few students select it, or some Option course may be over subscribed.


Please note the following selection restriction that is applicable to the Technology Options, Languages and Visual Art/Design & Visual Communication.


Technology (Digital, Hard Material, Fabric, Food)

– students can select a maximum 1x technology subject within their first two choices

– students can select a maximum 1x technology subject within their two back up choices


Visual Arts and Design & Visual Communication

– students can select one of these subjects within their first two choices


Languages (Spanish, Mandarin)

– students can select one of these subjects within their first two choices


Year 9 Drama

In Year 9 Drama you will build on basic performance skills such Drama Techniques, Drama Elements and Drama Conventions. These skills will assist them in performing in a range of situations.


There will be an opportunity to create props and costumes for Drama. You will learn to work with a wide range of people in various situations. You will develop communication abilities and confidence when performing in public.


An interest in performance techniques and creating original work for an audience would be of benefit but these skills will be taught during the course so are not essential. Enthusiasm and a willingness to try everything are essential.


The skills acquired in Drama can be fed into any number of pathways. Being able to speak with confidence in a public situation is an invaluable asset in many other subject areas that involve discussion and presentation. Being able to work cooperatively and creatively in a group develops excellent problem solving skills that can be applied to many areas. There is a $10 charge associated with this course to cover materials for mask making.


Year 9 Music


In Year 9 Music you will develop as a musician on your chosen instrument. You will further develop your experience and skills in performance, both solo and in a group. You will learn to set up stage equipment such as speakers and mixing desks. You will also experience writing your own song. There will be an element of theory in terms of learning major and minor scales as well as working out chords in a key.

There will be a chance to use digital audio software to create original mixes.

Year 9 Mandarin


The Year 9 Mandarin course covers language and culture; exploring both modern and traditional aspects of China. Students will experience a variety of learning opportunities, such as stories, games, Chinese celebrations, Chinese history, Chinese culinary, Chinese craft and art, and school trips. Authentic learning experience and e-learning will be embed in daily lessons.   


Students will learn to

  • communicate with others with basic Chinese vocabulary
  • explore selected aspects of Chinese culture, history and customs
  • practice appropriate Chinese etiquette
  • retell traditional Chinese stories
  • describe their life at home and at school


This course is open to both native speakers of Mandarin and non-native speakers. It will cater for the needs of individual students and ensure they progress further in their own pathways.

Native speakers of Mandarin will

  • read texts with more complexity
  • write in a variety of genres and forms
  • master basic vocabulary at NCEA level one
  • Participate in cultural events and school trips


Year 9 Spanish


Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages, there are more Spanish speakers in the world than English speakers. There are over 350 million native speakers of Spanish in twenty two countries. The Year 9 Spanish course teaches not only a lively and expressive language, but a fascinating and different culture. Learning Spanish will provide the possibility to understand other Latin based languages like Portuguese and Italian.


Students will have the opportunity to learn:

  • to describe themselves and others
  • to use articles and adjectives applying correct grammar
  • about Spanish and Latin american lifestyle, festivities and traditions


Our Year 9 Spanish students learn through:

  • Videos and presentations
  • Our language softwares “Linguascope and Language Perfect” interacting within the class using their acquired, written, reading and speaking knowledge.
  • Experiencing field trips where they will apply their conversational skills and exchange with other spanish students from other schools in New Zealand.


Year 9 Visual Arts


Students will given opportunities to develop ideas, skills and techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, design and time based art through a series of practical projects representing a variety of contexts.


Year 9 Visual Arts is for students who wish to:

  • develop creativity and individual self expression in visual art processes
  • acquire skills, knowledge and understanding of art through authentic pathways
  • develop a wide appreciation of the visual world and recognise their place in it


‘While Art continues to be a desirable option for students wishing to pursue ‘traditional’ creative careers, such as Architecture, Interior Design or Painting / Fine Art related professions, the internet has seen an explosion of exciting, new roles emerge.’


Year 9 Graphics: Design and Visual Communication

Design and Visual Communication (DVC) is a main communication tool, it is an international language therefore, it enables students to show their ideas avoiding languages barriers.

DVC combines the important educational aspects of communication and creative problem solving. This course will give students the chance to develop their own solutions to realistic design problems through the application of a design process. They will also get the skills to precisely communicate their solutions, by applying a range of Graphics Modes:

  • Free hand sketching
  • Technical drawing
  • Graphics softwares

It is directly related to the dramatic technological developments that have occurred in today’s society, and involves fields such as:

  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • Engineering
  • Technological
  • Media
  • Packaging.

This is a course with the emphasis placed on creativity and individual choice, developed to meet the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s citizens.

The programme is developed around briefs that are based on realistic and thought provoking situations. Students will use graphics skills to develop, record and communicate individual and innovative solutions in a variety of ways.

This course stimulates students’ self confidence, self esteem and pride in achievement through enabling them to reach personal success.


Year 9 Food Technology


This course involves using technological practice to develop food products that meet a design brief. You will have to design, develop and test your ideas until you find a solution to meet your brief.


You will learn to think creatively and to work independently. You will develop skills to become a supportive team player able to undertake research accessing a variety of sources. You will be able to produce written and practical evidence to support your development work.


The variety of skills learnt in Year 9 Food Technology lead smoothly on to Year 10 and beyond. These skills will help with production of work in other curriculum areas and problem solving skills, developed through the design briefs, will be of use across the curriculum.


Year 9 Hard Materials Technology


This course involves developing outcomes to meet a given brief. In the development of your outcome/s you will make models or mockups that will test your ideas prior to working through the construction process. You will have the opportunity to use a range of hard materials to produce your final outcome – choosing the best materials that will enable your outcome to be “fit for purpose”.


This course requires creative and critical thinking. You will enhance your patience, enthusiasm and ability to work individually and in a group.


The variety of skills and knowledge you develop will lead you into the Year 10 Technology course. You will also be able use the knowledge you develop in Technology in other curriculum areas.


Year 9 Digital Technology (Electronics/Coding)


Digital technology is a University approved course and in secondary schools continues to Year 13. This MHJC course will align to the digital technology section of the Technology Curriculum.


The course will be project based, concentrating on enquiry learning and ‘learning by doing’ and will incorporate these areas of digital technology (as well as safe and competent use of workshop machinery and power tools)

  • Understanding of circuit design and electronic components
  • Manufacture of electronic circuit boards and associated practical skills
  • Programming and use of microcontrollers
  • 3D design using CAD (3D printing and laser cutting)


The course is biased towards practical outcomes but students must be prepared to complete all areas of the course including theory and assignment work. Students who opt to take this course do not need any prior knowledge or experience of electronics or programming but a willingness to learn and a strong work ethic is required.

Year 9 – Fashion and Design


This course involves developing a range of outcomes related to Fashion and Design. You will learn about the Fashion trends of the past and how they have influenced Fashion today. You will develop knowledge and skills to make items that meet a given Design Brief or Challenge following the Design Process.


You will explore who you are in a conceptual form and learn the skills of design, including looking at digital designing. You will then transfer these new design skills and look at ‘who you are’ to influence the design of a ‘personal item’. This will allow you to express yourself in a unique way, while also gaining fundamental design skills and more specialist construction skills.


You will conduct some research into your culture and heritage to find similar existing products, suitable materials and learn how to manipulate a range of different materials. After the introductory project you will be given the opportunity to Design and Make items suitable for a personal project or you may wish to get involved in a community project. Or enter a competition such as the local schools Wearable Arts Competition and/or the National Brother Design Stars Competition.


Year 9 Media Studies


In Media Studies you will learn to explore media concepts with critical awareness and have practical experience in production work.


This course can give you essential skills and expertise as you progress to senior Media Studies, and beyond. You will develop the ability to communicate confidently as you work in production groups developing media products such as short films. You will develop flexibility, problem solving and openness to new ideas. You will experience “hands-on” use of technology such as cameras and digital editing software. You will be able to critically interpret a wide range of media.


Your group project experiences will enhance your problem solving skills and ability to use your creative skills to produce a finished

product to fit a brief.


Year 9 Social Enterprise

“What is Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a venture that uses a business model to create social and environmental value. Social enterprises generate income through trading products or services, and the majority of any revenues are reinvested back into their core mission. ” (Inspiring Stories)

Social Enterprise is ‘doing charity by doing trade’. A social enterprise company is any for profit or non-profit organisation that applies strategies to achieving philanthropic goals. Social enterprises would consider themselves to have social objectives.Social enterprises do not aim to offer any benefit to their investors, except where they believe that doing so will ultimately further their capacity to realise their philanthropic goals.

You will be involved in exciting project work and you can interact with people in New Zealand and around the world.