The Olympics

Very soon the 2016 Olympics will be over. What an amazing spectacle it was. After the feats of Usain Bolt start to fade, important reminders for me were:
Not everyone can get a medal however we can all be satisfied by improving our personal best;
The most disappointed people were spectators and journalists with unrealistic expectations;
Sometimes effort and sacrifice is rewarded;
How well the human race responds to new challenges and records set the bar even higher;
How important simple gestures of affection and humanity transcend all other sporting moments.

I cannot resist the opportunity to reinforce what we do at MHJC:
Provide opportunities for our students to challenge themselves to succeed. Encourage everyone to reflect and improve their performance. To strive for excellence but remember to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. And always show good sportsmanship – thank the officials, supporters and other competitors, without them there would be no event!

I look forward to the Paralympics which for me is an occasion which celebrates an even greater ideal of the inner spirit overcoming physical disability. Prepare to be inspired!

Growing greatness – kia mana ake.