Setting the right example

I am excited to say that we have never had so many players and teams represent the college as this year. This is due to the efforts of our Sports Department, enthusiastic students, passionate supporters, teachers and volunteer managers and coaches. With the high number of students involved in winter sporting activities it is worthwhile reminding ourselves about how our attitudes and behaviour can influence our children. I am pleased that in my time at MHJC I have seen outstanding sportsmanship. On Saturday our girls’ premier netball team was complimented by its opposition (who we had beaten) for being so gracious in victory. Our coach, the players and parents can feel justifiably proud of such a compliment which indicates a depth of character as much as sporting ability.

We will be tested during the season. We play sport to win and sometimes the ball does not bounce our way or a referee may make a poor decision. It is up to us as adults to maintain a balanced perspective when this occurs and show our students how to respond to adversity by demonstrating resilience. Support our students and coaches in a positive manner and may we receive as many compliments for our conduct as for our performances.

Thank you for your support and involvement, it is appreciated.

Growing greatness – kia mana ake