Mind Lab Makers and Doers

Students from Year 9 and 10 Mountains Whanau have had a great day at the UNITEC MindLab facilities in Newmarket, participating in workshops relating to Coding, Film-making, Augmented Reality and Animation – some even got the chance to dress up! The Mind Lab supports the development of the next generation of makers, doers, inventors and creators who will shape the future with new ways of working, thinking and living.

The Mind Lab team was really impressed with the MHJC context, the ideas the students shared and their level of understanding. This term students have been examining Mental Health in New Zealand – the attitudes, media messages (past and present) in both English and Global Studies classes. The subject is also being examined from a wellbeing/Hauora viewpoint in Science and PEH classes.

The purpose is to examine issues they may encounter in their teenage years that may affect their Mental Health/Wellbeing and ultimately making positive decisions for themselves.

Next on the agenda will be a challenge project based on what they have learned, requiring them to select an aspect of this knowledge to create a media/digital product with the objective of affecting change for individuals or for our community, from an attitude or wellbeing perspective. Watch this space!