Our Staff

Mission Heights Junior College is very proud of the quality of our teaching and support staff. They are capable professionals who also care for the all round development and well-being of our students.

Senior Management

PrincipalMr Ian Morrison
Associate PrincipalMr Naddy Naidoo
Deputy Principal Coast WhanauMrs Raeesa Dada
Assistant Principal Coast WhanauMr Wyn Morris
Deputy Principal Forest WhanauMs Melanie Kindley
Assistant Principal Forest WhanauMr David Nutt
Deputy Principal Water WhanauMrs Cathy Hewlett
Assistant Principal Water WhanauMs Kate Lambert
Deputy Principal Mountains WhanauMr Ian Suckling
Assistant Principal Mountains WhanauMs Catherine Hunter
Head of LearningMs Reshmika Lal
SENCOMrs Uini Smythe

Coast Whanau

Deputy PrincipalMrs Raeesa Dada
Assistant PrincipalMr Wyn Morris
TeachersMr Jason McKimmon
Ms Juliet Gao
Ms Kate Wood
Mr Douglas Choong
Ms Sandra Brown
Mrs Navneet Kaur
Ms Aly Grant
Ms Nalini Narayan
Ms Abbigail Shields
Mrs Ulika Singh
Mr Ezra Bartlett
Whanau AssistantMrs Narina Remedios

Forest Whanau

Deputy PrincipalMs Melanie Kindley
Assistant PrincipalMr David Nutt
TeachersMs Reshmika Lal
Ms Iris Brandauer
Ms Olivia Young
Ms Adora Lindsay
Ms Meera Phadke
Ms Erin Steel
Ms Joan Clansey
Ms Hayley Tipene
Mr Logan Dobson
Mr Basil Taha
Ms Neetu Ismail
Whanau AssistantMr Vernon Rubanand

Water Whanau

Deputy PrincipalMrs Cathy Hewlett
Assistant PrincipalMs Kate Lambert
TeachersMs Sahara Singh
Ms Aidyn Thomas
Ms Monique Sutton
Ms Gillian Bartlett
Mr Raj Sharma
Dr Rajesh Joshi
Ms Petra Priest
Mr Dino Gardi
Mr Tom Symons
Ms Sarah Robertson
Ms Ashika Selagan
Whanau AssistantMs Kess Naidoo

Mountains Whanau

Deputy PrincipalMr Ian Suckling
Assistant PrincipalMs Catherine Hunter
TeachersMs Jeanna Wessels
Ms Marilyn Katafono
Mr Anthony Keung
Mr Helgard Groenewald
Ms Sheryl Wright
Ms Mirian Martin
Mr Vivashal Singh
Mr Rob Bartholomew
Ms Chandana Premdeep
Ms Jan Newbold
Mr Satendra Lal
Whanau AssistantMr Nihal Wanigatunga

Support Staff

Position Name
School Councillor Ms Savita Kesry
  Ms Tamryn Broodryk
Learning Assistant  
  Ms Fidelia Dubash
  Mr Calvin Govender
  Ms Ameena Hoosen
  Mr Raees Simon
  Ms Heather Simpson
  Ms Lynette Steenkamp
  Ms Emma Swires
Property Manager Mr Rob Hargreaves
Property Caretaker Mr Wilbert Santos
Office Staff Ms Tarryn Norman
  Mrs Alanna Young
  Mrs Geeta Patel
Sports Assistant Mr Daymon Hellyer-Adams
Librarian Ms Sibylle Townsend
Library Assistant Ms Debbie McDermott
Science Technician Ms Rachel Lim
Technology Technician Ms Taif Al Refai
Cultural Activities Assistant Ms Gemma Naidoo
ICT Managers Mr Ben Doughney
  Mr Mark Chang