Cross Country – MHJC at its best

My compliments to all our students for the incredible effort they showed on Friday. The annual event was a show case of much that we promote at MHJC. While Mountains Whanau emerged as the overall winners, in a sense every student “conquered their mountain”. Our top athletes competed for top honours and as importantly, this year, every position counted. This meant we saw every student trying to get that crucial point which would assist their whanau to succeed. That sense of individual purpose contributing to something bigger is what we wish to promote at MHJC. We saw individual excellence and great effort by all. It was also pleasing to see and hear students cheering each other at the finish – first to 200th we all achieved something.

For the record Mr Morrison (aka Mr Plod) achieved a creditable 55th place in the Year 9 Event….He is aiming for a top 50 finish next year!

Now we look forward to our top Maths students competing in the much anticipated annual Mathex Competition this Thursday evening.

Growing greatness – kia mana ake