Please be advised of some changes to Prize Giving 2018 which will give more formal recognition of participation, improvement and our values but continue to acknowledge academic excellence:

Academic improvement

2 awards per year level per whānau (8 per Year Level).

Qualities and values (Kia Mana Ake Award)

 One extra award per year level per whānau (total 8 per Year Level)

Participation – 4 cornerstones

The top 10 students in every year level based on e-badges (across all four cornerstones)

In order to keep the Prize Giving to a reasonable time the Academic Achievement Awards (excellence in individual subjects) will be presented at whānau assemblies however Academic Excellence (the top 10%) will still be recognised at Prize Givings.

As can be seen the Prize Givings will provide a more balanced and holistic forum for recognition.

Growing greatness – Kia mana ake!