Interesting times

I take this opportunity to share some significant actions of our students this past week which show their heart and ability to take action.

To commemorate the anniversary of the tragic events in Christchurch on March 15, each whānau assembled to pay tribute to the victims and their families, the courage of the first responders, the resilience of the hospital staff and to remember the world wide sharing of aroha and awhinatanga. Our message to the students is never to forget the lessons we learnt that day – to respect and celebrate our differences, to condemn hurtful comments or actions and to reach out in times of need. It is amazing how quickly time passes and we should not forget this momentous event.

Under the lead of Mr Gardi and the Enviro Council students have been working hard to save precious taraire trees in Tāne forest. Several have died already as a result of the unusually dry conditions we are experiencing and the school has taken up the challenge with pleasing urgency. This is an active way to promote kaitiakitanga or guardianship of this precious natural resource and complements other initiatives which each whānau has committed to.

Growing greatness – Kia mana ake