Welcome to term 4.

We have a lot of exciting events this term which will be even more enjoyable now we have returned to Level 1. Despite this relaxation of restrictions, we still need to remain vigilant about our health and hygiene. The experience of other countries who are experiencing a second wave of infections after appearing to have “flattened the curve” is a sobering reminder to us all.
We look forward to seeing you at the school’s eagerly awaited musical – “All shook up” in week 2 (19-24 October). Fans of rock and roll will particularly enjoy this wonderful display of our students’ singing, dancing and acting talent.
This week we celebrate Kindness Week with a number of activities which promote on of our core values – awhinatanga/compassion. This culminates in Pink Shirt Day on Friday which is an international movement to say no to bullying or simply “be kind!”
Our mantra is for all of us to be “upstanders” not bystanders. Research shows that it is the people who witness bullying behaviours who can have the greatest impact by showing their disapproval. This requires strength of character and reinforcement of another of our core values integrity/pono which can mean “to do the right thing”.
Let us encourage each other to be kind and do the right thing and so make the world a better place.
Kia mana ake/growing greatness.