Waitangi Day 2023

This weekend we remember the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, Tiriti o Waitangi and acknowledge the significance of this important historic event. The famous words of Lieutenant Governor William Hobson, “He iwi tahi tatou – we are one people”, laid the foundations for the building of a new nation and are as important today as in 1840.

The weekend has even greater significance as Auckland/Tamaki Makaurau starts to recover from the incredible weather events this past week. Climatologists predict we need to prepare for more of the destruction and disruption such events will cause and the impact on our infrastructure and even where we live will be profound. All the more reason for everyone to stand together, support each other and do what we can to rebuild homes, roads, bridges and shattered lives. This is what was needed when Aotearoa/New Zealand was born and why the spirit of the Treaty should always be remembered.

Today MHJC renews its commitment to honouring the Treaty. We strive to place Te Reo and Ti kanga Māori at the forefront of our curriculum and activities. We wish all our students to benefit from the richness of the Māori  culture, heritage, knowledge and language and that our Māori students may celebrate and feel proud of being Māori as they grow their greatness.

Kia mana ake!